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Home Furniture

Complete furnishings, kitchen, living, study bedrooms. Objects and furnishing accessories. Furniture ideas.

Office Furniture

Complete furniture and furnishing accessories to set up your work space.

Shop Furniture

Complete equipment and furnishings for shops and businesses.

Outdoor Furniture

Furniture for gardens, pools, terraces.

Museum Furniture

Custom furniture for museums, exhibitions and events.

We are Sicom

Sicom Arredamenti was borned as individual company since 1984. Since 2005, it has become a leading company in Umbria in the furniture industry. In our showroom, in Gubbio, you can touch our proposals in home and office furniture. Our team will guide you and provide ideas on how to set up your living and working space.

Our Services


SICOM ARREDAMENTI takes care of the whole process that goes from the estimate to the after sale in a Contract package that includes an important series of benefits for the customers. Estimate, personalized design, site management, assembly of furniture, after-sales assistance.

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SICOM ARREDAMENTI boasts a design office with highly qualified interior designers, who have distinguished themselves for the quality of the graphic product that accompanies the design, wich is absolutely professional and detailed.

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construction assistance
SICOM ARREDAMENTI engages with its staff in the inspection and in the measurement of the spaces to be furnished. The survey will be made with professional electronic tools and will be returned graphically with AutoCad software.
after-sales assistance

SICOM arredamenti has always been committed to post-sales assistance in the months immediately following the purchase.
For a better performance of the product over time, SICOM recommends to request the help of OFFICINA MOBILE SICOM over the years. A staff of experts will perform a complete check up of the products supplied to verify the state of wear and storage.

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edil sicom

Edilsicom guarantees a “turnkey” service: from the estimate to the planning, to the management of the building site to the assembly of the furnishings. Our approach in the field of plasterboard treatments allows us to obtain great results in terms of performance and aesthetics from small spaces, aiming at the most innovative technologies introduced in this sector.

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Realizations of Sicom Arredamenti


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