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Sicom Arredamenti is also a reference for outdoor furnishing: the Gubbio company, in the province of Perugia, designs and markets furniture and accessories for gardens, terraces, swimming pools, outdoor verandas in houses, restaurants, clubs, hotels and shops, and is a retailer of leading brands such as Pedrali, Vondom, Royal Botania, Talenti and Tribù.
Thanks to Sicom outdoor furniture solutions you will be able to create outdoor environments in harmony with the colors and lines of your furniture and interior accessories, whatever the style you prefer.

The company professionals will guide you in choosing the materials that best fit your living, working or representative context.

Royal Botania: dining area specialists

Sicom Arredamenti of Gubbio, in the province of Perugia, is a retailer of Royal Botania, one of the leading international brands in outdoor furniture, with furnishings and accessories that perfectly blend design and functionality.

Specifically, the Belgian manufacturer is known for its extendable tables, its chairs and armchairs and, broadly speaking, for the creation of splendid outdoor dining area furniture, made of stainless steel, aluminum, teak and braided in synthetic fiber.

The discreet luxury of Tribù

Among the many brands that you can find at the Sicilian Gubbio headquarters, Tribù occupies a special place thanks to the superlative comfort of its furnishings and for their durability.

Modern and refined, Tribù outdoor furniture stands out for the quality of its design and materials: the proposed range of furnishings does not rely on surprising shapes and colors, but on classic and luxurious products, made with sustainable materials of the highest quality and specifications for outdoor furniture.

Talenti: outdoor furniture artisans

Talenti is one of the best-known Italian brands in the field of outdoor furniture, and is one of the brands that you can find at Sicom Arredamenti’s headquarters in Gubbio, in the province of Perugia.

Talenti outdoor furniture is characterized by contemporary lines and handcrafted productions which, however, make the most of technological innovations to always give you the highest quality of furnishings and accessories.

The elegant character of Vondom

Sicom Arredamenti of Gubbio, in the province of Perugia, also sells products by Vondom, an elegant, youthful and technologically advanced outdoor furniture brand: you can choose between seating, tables, planters, lamps, carpets and other accessories that will make special outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens and poolside.

The products, characterized by uncommon elegance, refinement and charm, are created by top names in international architecture and design. They are manufactured with recycled materials and made following ultra-modern technological processes.

MyYour - made in Italy aesthetics

Sicom Arredamenti of Gubbio, in the province of Perugia, also offers you the outdoor furniture by MyYour, an Italian company specialized in the use of special plastic materials, processed with innovative techniques.

The production processes of the company allow infinite transformations of the plastic material and therefore the creation of furnishings and accessories that are beautiful to see and touch, which will make your outdoor spaces welcoming and special.

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