Technical blinds

The best technical blinds for the home and office in Umbria

Sicom Arredamenti sells and installs technical blinds for the home or office throughout Umbria. The diffusion and quality of light is essential to enhance any internal environment; for this reason the choice of blinds is also of primary importance. Technical blinds adapt to all styles in a simple and effective way. They are elegant, versatile, modern and capable of becoming an elegant functional and practical piece of furniture, thanks to the choice of fabrics and materials with which they can be made.

Classic and design roller blinds

The specialists in technical curtains for the home and office at Sicom Arredamenti are at your disposal throughout Umbria and offer you various roller blind systems, from classic models that unobtrusive, easy to use and with light mechanics, up to to solutions with an elegant and refined design, equipped with customizations and fine finishes.

The choice of fabrics is functional not only to the decoration, but also to the result you want to achieve: depending on the fabric in which they are made, the curtains can have filtering, obscuring and thermoregulating properties.

Venetian blinds for work and home environments

Venetian blinds are ideal for those who want technical curtains for the home and office that are versatile and functional.

The Venetian blinds offered throughout Umbria by Sicom Arredamenti are equipped with a rope-holder that reduces discomfort due to the lack of lateral spaces and can be fixed to the ceiling or wall. Call us now for technical advice without obligation.

Vertical blinds for every need

Sicom Arredamenti offers you technical blinds for the home and office.

The vertical blinds offered in Umbria by the Gubbio company are perfect for both contexts, and allow you to efficiently adjust the light thanks to the control of the strips, based on the height of the sun, allowing an always optimal vision.

Versatile designer pleated blinds

Sicom Arredamenti is a leader in Umbria for the sale and installation of technical blinds for the home and office, and selects blinds for outdoors offering obscuration techniques of guaranteed quality.

The assortment of the Gubbio company also includes pleated blinds with a modern design: a choice that greatly enhances the environment of a home or office. The blinds, customizable in shape, colors and styles, can be installed on the ceiling or in front of the window, harmonizing perfectly with any context.

Valuable materials

Office and shop furniture made with selected materials

Excellent quality

Furnishings and accessories taken care of in detail by expert professionals in the sector

Fast delivery

Reduced waiting and supply times, fully respected


On-demand service of Mobile Workshop for timely post-sales interventions

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